Ron Paul: The Little Engine That Could


While the national print media dismisses him and television ignores him, Ron Paul continues to chug on down the track seemingly oblivious to what everyone else expects him to do.   Returns now in from the Pennsylvania Republican Primary show that Ron Paul, virtually unknown except by word of mouth, actually won 15.9 percent of the vote.   In Juanita County, Paul took about a third of the votes, stunning when you consider that he is out of the race and has admitted it.


The questions are why?  How?


Isn’t it all over?  Isn’t John McCain the Republican nominee?  And not just in theory too.  He has actually locked up the delegate count.  In Pennsylvania there were no votes for Republican stars, Mitt Romney or Rudolph Giuliani.  Paul even beat out the Evangelical Christian choice, Mike Huckabee, who is formally out of the race now.  And Ron Paul did all of this without big name endorsements, without money for television ads, without mailers, without any attention from national or local media.  What’s going on here? 


The answer is that the Ron Paul philosophy of government is so right, so logical, invokes so much common sense that most people who hear it support it even if he and his ideas don’t have a chance.  The people who are voting for Ron Paul are voting with their heads not their hopes. It is much more than a protest vote, it is a vote of contempt for the political bankruptcy and hypocrisy in both parties.


Look at the blogs.  This just amazes me. These people know the issues better than the journalists covering the campaign.  While the journalist are fixated on the presidential horse race the Ron Paul masses are chewing on why the government does what it does and what it should be doing instead and how to fix it all.  And most important of all, the Paulists and their Blogs keep challenging the “why.”  They are not just debating how to solve the social security problem, they are debating what its purpose should or should not be in the first place.  They are not just discussing the national debt and settling the details of the budget, they are discussing what the role of government should be and how the corruption of that role will always lead back to the same financial challenges.


This is truly an intellectual revolution.  Small, under the radar screen, but resolute.  They keep coming and they keep winning converts in spite of the fact that it is all over.  They don’t seem to care what the pontificating celebrities on television have to say.  In Pennsylvania they turned out by the tens of thousands.  Apparently they were just scoping out the polling booths and voting for Ron Paul as a rehearsal for that moment four years from now when they expect to be pulling the lever for a winner.  Or perhaps they don’t even care about that either.  They may just be voting because the ideas make sense.  And that in itself is its own reward.



Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

18 thoughts on “Ron Paul: The Little Engine That Could

  1. I think most of us Americans are tired to death of politicians who simply can’t keep an honest thought in their heads, and who play power to get whatever they want, no matter who gets hurt, or if it is wrong for the country. We need to speak out, yell, stamp our feet, vote!!!!

  2. I have to chuckle at Americans who look to politicians to help them feel good about their country. Ron Paul is no different than any other politician out there. He is not a savior. He is not The Way. He’s said what the Bush haters wanted to hear and in the process, fleeced many of them of time and money on a failed and ridiculous crusade that went nowhere.

    The truth is, the entire history of this nation shows examples of leaders who have interpreted the Constitution in many different ways. Some interpretations have been great, some have been awful. History has also proven that isolationism, sorry, “non-interventionist policy” threatens this country’s interests and the interests of its allies. Sorry folks, but history shows that the Constitution is most definitely a living document, no matter what complaints you have against the Bush 43 administration’s policies domestically and abroad.

    And really, this is what it’s all about. I know for a fact that most paleo-cons and liberals hate Israel because of the American money and time spent her for the last sixty years. What a pity that the lessons learned from the Holocaust are lost on those people. Many of these people would rather appease radical Islam and withdraw from whatever region they want us to in the interests of world peace.

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to be a citizen of a country that kowtows to medieval terrorist thugs. The America that I grew up in didn’t run from terrorist thugs. It hit them with all their might until they were decisively destroyed. Islamo-fascists must be defeated at all cost, even if it takes a hundred years.

    I suppose if the Paulists had been around in 1914 and 1939, they would have whined about staying out of Europe’s turmoil.

  3. Thanks for the great article! You are right; this is an intellectual revolution.

    I too have noticed that most supporters of Ron Paul are incredibly intelligent and well-informed on current and world affairs. I have yet to see anything remotely intelligent coming from supporters of any of the other candidates; and even if it’s a semi-articulate comment, it defies logic or rationality (like the comment above, unable to comprehend just how different Ron Paul is from any other politician, and believes that the War on Terror isn’t really about money and oil but about terrorists hiding under Bush’s — er, I mean bushes).

    Then again, there are those with envy and ulterior motives…

    As far as “voting for Ron Paul as a rehearsal for that moment four years from now when they expect to be pulling the lever for a winner,” I honestly don’t believe we’re going to see another Ron Paul in our lifetime. Someone with such honesty and humility, moral values, impeccable principles, credibility with a perfect voting record and just the sheer guts to back up everything he believes in really doesn’t come along very often.

    He’s truly one in a billion, especially among politicians, and that’s why we will continue to support him and do everything we can to at least try to get him the nomination or (hallelujah) into the White House. Don’t forget, anything could happen to John McCain in the next couple of months — his FEC lawsuit, his empty pockets or his temper causing him to spontaneously self-implode.

    Our numbers are vast and unmeasurable, as we are gathering more supporters daily.


  4. “I too have noticed that most supporters of Ron Paul are incredibly intelligent and well-informed on current and world affairs. I have yet to see anything remotely intelligent coming from supporters of any of the other candidates; and even if it’s a semi-articulate comment,”

    Right, so intelligent that they’ll back someone with just 14 delegates and absolutely no chance of being victorious.

    Sorry, where I come from, that’s quite the opposite of being intelligent.

    When will some of you wake up and realize that politics is not really about principles, it’s about winning and establishing a powerbase.

    As a conservative, I’m for any candidate who isn’t a liberal and who shares at least some of my core values. I love the fact that John McCain isn’t willing to appease Islamo-fascists and kowtow to world opinion about the US.

    The Paulists need to stop acting like little children thinking that the best candidate has to be exactly the way they want them to be, otherwise, they’re no good. That to me smacks of narcissism and selfishness, of which there are no shortages of among the American citizenry.

  5. 14 delegates? You must have been watching Fox news or CNN to get your “information.” In Spokane, Washington last week, 109 out of the 111 delegates elected were all Ron Paul supporters, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Aren’t you embarrassed that McCain admits he knows nothing about economics? That he has temper tantrums in public in front of reporters? Gets up on a stage, blows his nose for a full minute, then starts singing “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” and laughing afterwards?

    You might want to check out a website called “Vietnam Vets Against McCain.” They might be able to tell you that he’s no hero. In fact, many believe he’s on medication that’s making him act even crazier than he already is.

    It’s all about winning? Really? I thought it was about choosing the most principled and honest man with knowledge of the economy, foreign policy and health care. And that would be Dr. Ron Paul, the Champion of the Constitution.

  6. “You must have been watching Fox news or CNN to get your “information.” In Spokane, Washington last week, 109 out of the 111 delegates elected were all Ron Paul supporters, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

    You need to stop drinking that Paulist kool-aid, because it’s clearly diminishing your allegedly superior intelligence level. Read the information at these links and tell me again how many delegates RP has.

    And by the way, there was no official Presidential primary in Washington state last week that selected delegates, so I don’t know what you could possibly be referring to. The only truly official Presidential primary in the state of Washington was on February 9, 2008.

    I won’t dignify or recognize freak fringers forming their own renegade assemblies and formulating their own delegate selection process. It’s a joke, really, for them to consider themselves credible.

    Honestly, I could care less if McCain spilled his guts under torture during the Vietnam War. I wonder if anyone could say unequivocally that they wouldn’t have done the same thing under similar circumstances.

    I WANT a President with a temper, rather than a wimp who’s docile and submissive. I’m sick of playing nicey nice with this country’s enemies, which would include, in my estimation, members of the liberal press that McCain likes to pop off against.

    What’s most important is fighting islamo-fascism and securing the Middle East. It makes me sad how the anti-Semites in the Ron Paul campaign have such a callous disregard for Israel’s welfare. Maybe they should join that traitor Jimmy Carter and go kiss up to Hamas.

  7. Ron Paul’s wisdom and his biggest draw is that he’s a real fiscal conservative. Forget his foreign policy, or that NAFTA super-highway thing or whatever he’s saying about the gold standard, even if there was talk in the ’80s about bringing back the gold standard.

    There hasn’t been a base of real fiscal conservatives in Washington for some time. There has been Paul, plus, I’m sure, a few others.

    Paul may not be a voice of reason, but he is a voice of verifiable honesty, and his belief in the Constitution cannot be understated. He has rare qualities.

  8. Well said eyeingtenure.


    I don’t totally agree with the Paul folks on the war. I think their isolationist rhetoric may be a little to shortsighted and simple for todays climate, however, they do have a point about our military being stretched all over the world. Maybe we have gotten a little too involved in nation building. The best that could come of this may be a serious look at the US presence in many other countries and an unshakable focus on winning in Iraq. I’m not sure. This is such a tough issue. I admit I feel much safer in our great country since 2002. I was worried that life in the US would never be the same after 911. I don’t wake up with that fear since the fight is taking place abroad.


    Check out this site as it relates to the Ron Paul emergence.

    Eric, is a great friend of mine from church. He is running for congress in Indiana’s 9th district on the Libertarian ticket. He is a pro life Libertarian, an economics professor at Indiana University Southeast, and he has written several books on politics and economics in their relation to the Christian worldview.

    He captured almost 5% of the vote in 2006 with virtually no money. He is very fiscally conservative and a great debator. He was a big supporter of Ron Paul’s.

  9. I find it amusing that people so desperate for a candidate to echo their deepest sentiments will take campaign pledges entirely at face value. RP’s alleged honesty hasn’t been tested, so I can’t see why anyone should trust him before he’s had a chance to prove himself in office.

    hey, I don’t know if John McCain will be entirely trustworthy, but I do know he’s not unashamedly lib like the Democrat party candidates.

    I don’t trust libertarians, because they aren’t conservatives, but libs wearing another coat. True conservatives back the terms Patriot Act, for example, as a guarantee of this country’s commitment to security.

    Libertarians never achieve anything but very minor vote percentages and represent in my mind another disaffected freak fringe that moves toward freak fringe candidates like RP. Sorry, but I only recognize established parties with track records of winning and major influence on the American political scene. I certainly would never want to be compared to these Euro nations that offer ten parties for every election and the winner achieves victory with 30% of the vote. That’s nonsense. A winning party must get the majority to be credible in my estimation.

  10. Doug: Please, there’s nothing remotely intellectual in a campaign that relies on hackneyed tactics like grassroots populism and latent xenophobia to stir its voting bloc.

  11. David,
    If you are looking for “nothing intellectual” then Mccain is definitely your man.
    i invite you to read Ron Paul’s latest book. if you are intellectually honest, you might change your opinion of the man and the issues he espouses. If you are, as you come across, simplay an apologist for the same old same old John McCain, well at least you might find a better understanding of why some of Ron Paul’s supporters are so fervent. It is far more about the country than the personality.

  12. As for RP’s book, creative fiction novels aren’t my cup of tea.

    I don’t want an intellectual as my leader. Intellectuals are too often egalitarian elitists with superiority complexes. I want a leader that recognizes the bottom line … that the free world is threatened by islamo-fascism and that it must be destroyed at all cost. McCain won’t be a peacenik coward who would rather appease and capitulate to killers. He is a warrior, through and through. I want a fighting man in there, not some effete wimp.

  13. Personally, I’ll paraphrase Jon Stewart on the matter of elitism and intellectualism, as he talked as if he were addressing the remaining Democrats:

    You’re running for President of the United States. If you do well, you get your face carved into a mountain.

    If you don’t think you’re better than us, why are you running?

  14. Me. Wead,
    Have to say I am quite surprised and taken back by all the Ron Paul coverage. To answer your question why they keep coming? They keep coming because Paul vowed to stay in this race as long as the people wanted him to. They keep coming because they do not want him to quit.

    In spite of repeated reports he has not dropped out.

    There comes a time in our life that we have to realize nothing is going to change if we continue to allow the old mantra of, “ voting for the lessor of two evils,” to stay the norm instead of the exception that it should be. The time is well spent on Ron Paul.

    Every crowd that hears Dr. Paul speak sees the huge lightbulb that goes off when he is done. His answers are so simple, but profound, that it dumbfounds first time listeners. He doesn’t get caught up arguing the dividing issues that get us no where. Like Gay rights, anti-Semite hate laws, women’s rights, Minority rights, etc. Why? Because the people have all been led astray from being dragged into all those hours of debates that only divide the people further because it really means one specific group is asking for advantages, privileges, protections, or allowances over all others. The Constitution covers us ALL equally as Individuals already and Ron Paul knows the Constitution inside and out. There’s goes a pot load of time that is freed to address real issues that affect ALL individuals and not just select groups.

    He goes to the heart of what really ails our country and affects the people and our future. No double talk, no flip flopping or stammering. He has the experience, education, longevity, and the brilliant insight to get to the core of a problem in ways that benefit the people and our country. That’s never a bad combination for all involved. But it is something that does not make him popular with special interests, lobbyists, and people who have sold out in his own Party. Nor does it make him popular with others on Capital Hill who have a vote for sale to the highest bidder. He doesn’t care about being popular in those circles because he remembers he represents the people and his job is to make sure the government stays within their scope, their limits, and within the confines of what they are legally obligated to do for us and our country. His ten terms in Congress reflects he is unwavering in his duty, and year, after year, he takes his representation of the people very seriously.

    For all the people who have come to loathe politicians, and distrust their government because of all the backroom deals, lies about war, and fraud, he gives them a shocking choice. An Honest politician. Using the word honest in the same sentence with any politician is something I never thought I would ever hear myself utter. But after hearing him speak a vast glimmer of hope replaces all the gloom and doom of the war machine talks we have endured.

    He has real answers for so many serious issues that many thought were hopeless before. This country needs real answers now more then any time in my life. We need real action too. Talk is cheap. He has proposed these answers and is not all talk by a long shot. His voting record reflects he means what he says and will act. The people do not need more war. They do not need more government control. They do not need more government invasion into their lives or government secrecy about tribunals, prisons, torture, wiretapping, the NAU, NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO and the Federal reserve. They need to know the real state of our country from this Government that is supposed to be accountable TO the people. He believes in total transparency of the Government to the people. Not the other way around whereas this government can spend our money however they like, pass whatever legislation they feel like and stomp on our rights, while conducting serious violations and committing illegal acts then running to hide their crimes behind all encompassing blanket protections of claiming National Security.

    He believes in checks and balances. Not a dictatorship. He believes each level of the legislative branch is vital to have a semblance of an open transparent Government. So yes, he is a huge threat to the criminals in office right now, the criminals who were in office the prior administrations, and the criminals who work with them to aid and abet their crimes in Corporate America. That is who we want him to be a threat to because those people threaten our very existence as a country and they are NOT doing their jobs.

    He is not a hothead, loose cannon, sexual deviant, or pervert as we have seen in so many elected reps. “Call Boys in the White House” should never ever be a headline we EVER see again. Nor should the issue of sex be on every news station coming from the highest office of our country no less.

    . This label of isolationist is a joke. He is all for free trade. The Trade agreements we have right now ( NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO) have nothing to do with enhancing and strengthening the trade of the US. In fact they have done the opposite. They have greatly weakened our trade standing in the world while propping up OTHER countries. It’s has all to do with handing over the control of the US to a national body. Did one American citizen agree their Constitutional rights could be trumped by the WTO? Did one American agree to allowing US laws to be overridden in favor of International laws not at the hands of Congress? I am sure they did not. How could they if they weren’t even told? Nor did they know that is exactly what was packaged in these Trade agreements. Ron Paul recognized the danger of allowing a foreign body to control the US to the point of having power to ignore, violate, and trump US laws, and our rights, at the stroke of a pen. He realized our Government was not acting in accordance with our laws and our Constitution, nor in the best interest of our sovereignty and he fought hard against it. The pathetic thing is he should not have been so lonely fighting this. EVERY rep who signed these illegal agreements should have been standing by him for OUR country and OUR people. Where were they? A lone man on the hill surrounded by so many traitors of this country cannot do it alone. Thus he needs the people to back him like he has us for so many years. He has built it and they are coming.

    But then again, these were the same sell out traitors who passed the Homeland Insecurity Acts and the UnPatriotic Acts.

    Pulling our troops from the bases all over the world does not make us isolationists either. It does quite the opposite. It gets us out of nation building. It gets us out of trying to control many other countries and out of their business so we can actually focus on our own. It allows us to ease the anger and rightful animosity toward us for our aggression, unlawful and unwarranted invasion, and it frees billions of dollars to actually focus on OUR country, defending THIS country, and making sure the needs of the citizens in THIS country are fulfilled with THEIR money.

    No American would sit well with massive foreign troops and bases in their cities, killing their children, bombing their infrastructure, and policing their streets. These countries we have illegally invaded are no exception to how America would react in the same situation. The Constitution does not legally allow our President to get into Nation building or conquering the world. It’s limits him to the duties of protecting and serving the interest of THIS Country.

    Ironically that was Bush’s political platform for his election. No nation building. No entangling alliances and he has done just the opposite with the unwitting blind eye of a sell out Congress. All the while not allowing ANY input from the people he is supposed to serve and far too many times circumventing Congress all together as well. That is a dictatorship folks, it is NOT a Democracy.

    Bush worked overtime with the press as his willing accomplice to spread fear and hate throughout our country against other entire countries that never attacked us. All to continue his agenda. It is so sad we did not learn the lessons of Vietnam. Endless wars will only increase the hatred toward our country and make Americans less safe. As Ron Paul has said we now trade with Vietnam and they trade with us. It does not bring those thousands of men who died back though. Nor will anything bring the millions back who have died from these wars. Eventually we will harm so many that our own country becomes outnumbered from accumulative enemies who will unite with one another against us when they see a war machine Administration is out for attack first strikes, with no attacks hitting them first, and no legal right to do so per their own people or their Congress. Eventually we spread our military so thin that the US becomes extremely vulnerable and this flies in the face of the exact role of government- to protect their OWN country. Is that in the best interest of the US? Ron Paul does not think so and neither do his supporters.

    The question I want to know is this? Will we continue on this path of hating a whole culture because our President has erroneously labeled them “terrorists” with a broad brush to encompass millions of innocents (instead of a small sect of fanatics) ? Or will we get it that war propaganda only serves to increase war profits while all the people fighting the war of lies pay the ultimate price for the hatred the people allowed themselves to get sucked into by their own government? Time will tell. People are waking up and yes we need Ron Paul because his campaign slogan is no joke. He really is the ONLY hope for America.

    This movement will only continue to grow much larger because the wool is being pulled from the eyes of millions of Americans and they are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore.

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