A List of Presidents’ Children Married While Their Father Was in Office

I’ve been getting quite a few calls from the media about the Jenna Bush wedding scheduled for May 10 and the general confusion regarding the number of presidential children married during their father’s time in office. This information can be very conflicting.  Some of this is caused by divorces that took place during the White House years.  For example, in the last years of his father’s administration, Elliot Roosevelt had yet another divorce and so some journalists placed his next wedding date that same year.  Something similar has happened in reference to Chip Carter.  Accounts have him remarrying in 1980.  Actually, he divorced that year and did not remarry until 1984, after the Carter family left Washington.


Journalists beware, there are even common mistakes about presidential children in the official records used by the White House office of protocol, prestigious reference books on the presidents and numerous Pulitzer Prize winning books.  When my White House Wedding Website first was moved last month we found numerous mistakes made by well intentioned staffers “correcting” copy with new information taken from the internet.


Below is my own list of such weddings.  It has been supplied to various journalists who requested it this past month.  Historians are welcome to weigh in on this.   


A list of 22 weddings of presidential offspring during their father’s presidency.  Jenna Bush will be 23.  Children married in the White House are in blue.  But whatever you write, be careful to distinquish between the number of weddings and the number of presidential kids married, Elliot was married twice.  So 22 weddings but 21 kids.  Got it?


Presidential child, date of wedding, groom.


Maria Hester Monroe

March 9, 1820

Samuel L. Gouverneur

John Adams   

Feb. 25, 1828

Mary Catherine Hellen

Andrew Jackson Jr.  

Nov. 24, 1831

Sarah Yorke

Abraham Van Buren

Nov. 27, 1838

Angelica Singleton

Elizabeth Tyler 

Jan. 31, 1842

William Nevison Waller

Nellie Grant

May 21, 1874

Algernon Charles Satoris

Frederick Grant

Oct. 20, 1874 

Ida Marie Honore

Alice Roosevelt

Feb. 17, 1906 

Rep. Nicholas Longworth

Jessie Wilson

Nov. 25, 1913

Frances Bowes Sayre

Eleanor Wilson 

May 7, 1914

William Gibbs McAdoo

Anna Roosevelt

Jan. 1935 

John Boettiger

Elliot Roosevelt 

July 22, 1933 

Ruth Googins

FDR, Jr.

June 30, 1937

Ethel duPont

John Roosevelt  

June 18, 1938 

Anne Lindsay Clark

James Roosevelt

April 14, 1941

Romelle Schneider

Elliot Roosevelt

Luci Baines Johnson

Dec. 3,1944

Aug. 6, 1966 

Faye Emerson

Patrick John Nugent

Lynda Bird Johnson 

Dec. 9, 1967

Charles Spittal Robb

Tricia Nixon

June 12, 1971

Edward Ridley Finch Cox

Maureen Reagan

Patti Davis

Dorothy Walker Bush

April 25, 1981

Aug. 14, 1984

June 26, 1992

Dennis Revell

Paul Grilley

Robert Koch

Jenna Bush

May 10, 2008

Henry Hager








Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

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