Racism and the Clinton Campaign

I guess I’m just naïve but I have to tell you that I am now shocked by this Geraldine Ferraro statement – saying in effect that Obama only got to where he is because he is Black – which is very clearly racist.  And of all people?  She was criticized the same way as a woman VP nominee.

Now,  I defended Bill Clinton’s  earlier remarks because I thought it was unfair to make judgements when one considered the whole context of his life and his long support of Blacks and their issues but this is now really looking bad to me.  Having worked at the senior level in a couple of presidential campaigns I know that nothing happens accidently.  Everything is calculated.  And this is just really, really disappointing to me.

Now, Republicans and evangelicals can play pretty dirty.  There was that Christian Coalition lady in South Carolina in 2000 who spread the stories of John McCain’s lovely adopted child which was portrayed in her whispering, e mail, campaign as a Black child and which was overtly racist as well as being false.  And if Karl Rove did not inititate that smear, and to my knowledge there is no proof yet that he did, he nevertheless did not repudiate the Christian Coalition and worked with them again and again, year after year in spite of what they had done, and George W. Bush allowed that.  That stinks to me.  And makes me suspect Karl was behind it.  I want nothing to do with that kind of hypocrisy.

But Demorcrats?  The Clintons?

You mean they don’t really care about Black people?  Their lives are only about power?  All they have said and done for Blacks over the years was only in their own interest?  They have no empathy for what Blacks have been through?  They can play the race card too when it suits them?  Or am I missing something here?  Have Black leaders renegged on commitments to the Clintons?  And are the Clintons now acting out of their own hurts?

I’m sorry for sounding so stupid but this really, really disappoints me.  Makes me want Obama to win.  Helps me understand why Black journalists are so overtly supportive on news shows, shedding all pretense of professionalism and journalistic objectivity, openly supporting Obama, all of which I have been criticizing in previous blogs as unseemly and embarrassing.

This is really sad.  I have long warned Evangelicals that they are very foolish to be a one party people because I have seen how being a one party people has hurt the Black cause and how it has often hurt the gay and lesbian cause.   If Clinton does win the nomination and I cannot believe it will happen, the Democrats just may have finally ruined their relationship with Blacks and John McCain would be the best man to welcome some of them back to the party of Lincoln, if any wanted to come.

It is likely that all of this will fall back into place.  Obama will win and he will be forced to take Hillary as VP nonminee and she will do it because her husband still needs historical rehab, and then all will be fine among the Dems but I don’t think all will be normal.  I don’t think the Blacks will ever forget what is happening here and I think they now have no illusions about liberal white politicians who say they really care.

It’s only about power.

BTW, I am off to Kiev, Ukraine so will be away from the keyboard for a few days.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

12 thoughts on “Racism and the Clinton Campaign

  1. To what extent do you think Barack is all about the power? Being all about the power is a classic move by politicians, isn’t it? How are the Clintons any different from politicians.

  2. Sir I can not agree with your statement.

    As a french citizen reading american newspapers and watching american TV I only see that the main argument with Obama is his race.

    I think completely the contrary: many people seem to vote for him beacause he is black. 90% of balck people voted for him and in the NY times you canr ead articles claiming that a black president would be a change.

    Had any white candidate, with less than three years experience in the national arena declared himself a candidate for the presidency, especially at the tender age of 46, he/she would have been ridiculed.
    How come no one reacted when his wife who said that she is proud of her country only because she might see her husband elected as a black man?
    Didn’t she say that her country was racist?

    No one seem to demand answers as to how he would tackle Iran’s terrorist aggression and nuclear pursuits, or ideas on how to grow the U.S. economy? His generalized “vision” is sufficient for the liberals… As if they would love a black president in order to end the perceived stigma of white institutional racism – a way to clean their soul and regain moral legitimacy and get rid of white guilt…

    There is little difference between the rhetoric of Obama and the white candidates. They all speak of hope and change. Why should Obama’s words be more believable, legitimate or acceptable?

    TO conclude I believe we must ask a simple question: In a color-blind society, devoid of white guilt, does an inexperienced, untried, albeit bright contender like Obama, deserve to be president in contrast to Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudi Giuliani – candidates who are equally as bright and have far greater experience?

    To vote on any other basis would be racist.

    Sorry sir, but this woman remark that Obama only got to where he is because he is Black see true to me. You did not argue anything in fact.

  3. Why should you be shocked by Ferraro’s quote, Mr. Wead? Did you read the text of her entire set of remarks? She admitted the only reason she was on the ticket in ’84 is because of her gender. Ferraro spoke honestly, which was refreshing to hear from a politician.

    Ferraro happens to be correct about Obama. Obama is in the position he’s in right now because he’s a black man with a big smile and charisma, not because of his experience and potential ability lead our nation against Islamo-fascists. America doesn’t need a uniter, it needs a fighter. John McCain is a proven fighter, which is why he should be elected.

    I am sick of hearing anyone speaking frankly about race being labeled as racist. it’s simple pandering to political correctness and the lib agenda. For a self-professed conservative, Mr. Wead, you seem very willing to submit to the enemy’s playbook.

    I wonder if Mr. Wead feels as confident in Obama’s future following this recent Rev. Wright flap. I just wrote on my blog a review of Obama’s speech from 3/18 that the lib press is going ga-ga over as if it’s the new “I Have A Dream.”

    I believe I have Obama and his whole campaign figured out rather well.

  4. Okay, David, perhaps I overdid it a bit when I said it makes me want Obama to win. I am already getting sick of the media cramming Obama down our throats. Imagine what it will be like after eight years?

    Nevertheless, having been in national campaigns I can assure you that Geraldine Ferraro was authorized to make the comment she made. It would have been done without the candidates fingerprints but there is no way she would have made such a statement without coordination and that does really bother me. It means that the Clinton campaign did indeed play the race card.

    By the way, please call me Doug. And those reading my blogs, check out David’s blog, he is quite prolific.

  5. Thank you, Doug, I won’t be as formal next time!

    I understand what you mean about the lib MSM ramming Barry O down our throats. He is their Chosen One, for reasons I’ve explained on my blog.

    Whether or not the FNC/NewsMax/Freeper folks can make the Rev. Wright flap stick has yet to be seen.

    According to one column I read today, Hillary is gearing up to do a kind of “Tonya Harding” on Barry O to win the nomination, with him in the Nancy Kerrigan role. I believe there’s nothing the Clintonistas would not do to fulfill their ambitions.

  6. I would like to know what this has to do with the price of tea in China? Where does it state in our Constitution that any one select group deserves special privileges based upon sex, race, or religion, over all other groups who are not that race, sex or in that religion?

    I agree, it is all about power and gaining votes to play these dividing cards during an election cycle. Just surprised it still gets the time of day in the press. But we know why it gains coverage don’t we? It’s like arguing over how large the fire became instead of investigating who started it and seeing how to stop it from happening again. Great diversion to keep the debate going with yet another year of no answers or solutions because we keep watching the fire.

    The black community does not gain one thing in their favor by getting a job just because their skin was the right color for a quota. Nor do they gain a thing if they get a grant for school because of their race over others who have a higher GPA not of that race, or when they get a hand out when all races are in need of help. If gaining all of those advantages are based solely on their race it is unconstitutional. It’s also called reverse discrimination because it discriminates against all other races who are deprived of those advantages because they are “not” that race.

    The same is true for women’s rights, Hispanic rights etc. All unconstitutional fights that lose the entire message of so-called true equality. If they have the experience and the qualifications they should get the job. If they have the GPA they should get the grant. If they need help they should get help regardless of their race, sex, or religion. And no I am not advocating the government should be the one to do it all. But if they are coming from my taxes then they had better be for all people. Do we want true equality here or not?

    We will not end racism until all people follow the constitution and realize those rights are for us ALL- as individuals –not because of our race, sex or religion. Anytime one select groups wants advantages over all other groups…they are wanting this country to discriminate on anyone outside of that select group.

    This subject only divides the races further and destroys the “collective” power they could have had to address issues that would not only benefit their “race” but all races. Benefit not only their sex, but all sexes. Benefit not only their religion but all religions. How hard is that for our press to get? Or is that why the press is a major part of the problem in race and religion issues today? Do they continue to see how large the fire is getting…or are they stopping to ask who started it and seeking ways to prevent the next fire?

    Who benefits from diversions like this? Not the people.

    We really need all people, of ALL walks of life, to pull together now and not allow these dirty campaign tactics to throw us all back into camps that hate each other. We need to be watching THIS administration, and what our reps who are in office NOW are voting on, and passing in our so-called name as the representatives of all the people. Those votes, and their actions today, matter on a much larger scale to all of us.

  7. So I guess to make you happy, the government should show preference for paleo-con rednecks who hate Jews and who articulate like they failed elementary school writing.

    Well, you are from Texas, so what should be expected?

    “I agree, it is all about power and gaining votes to play these dividing cards during an election cycle.”

    Wow, you’re learning fast, Jethro. Welcome to the real world.

  8. Sorry, I don’t remember anyone pulling your Chain Mr. Black.

    Was I talking to you?

    You have some explaining to do where we left off on the Ron Paul You Tube board don’t you?

    To answer yet another hate filled “delightful” message from you…It’s called true equality as the Constitution provides us ALL Mr. Black. I can see that is a completely foreign concept to someone like yourself who is racist against all others who are not Jewish like yourself. I seem to recall you labeled Japanese as Japs..Texans KKK Hicks and worse. You want forced labor camps for Americans. This list is a mile long of your sick thinking, racist filled hatred, and your intolerance of anyone who isn’t just as messed up as you are.

    Can only say thank God not all people of the Jewish faith as so sick in the head as you because unlike yourself I will not paint all people of the Jewish faith with a broad brush because of one Jewish nut I came across. For someone who perpetuates racism at every chance they get, yes indeed “the Constitution”, that demands true equality for all PEOPLE, is a massive threat to the denial and preferential treatment you want for YOUR PREFERRED select groups while omitting all others of course.

    Your ignorance illustrates my point perfectly.

  9. Imprisoned convicts don’t deserve the same rights as clean and decent law abiding citizens. They should be required to perform purposeful hard labor instead of sitting around lifting weights, watching TV, doing illegal drugs, and buggering each other.

    The reality is, you can’t treat everyone equally, because the dirty little secret of life is that everyone is NOT equal, in regard to intelligence, personal discipline, and behavior.

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