No war over Ukraine, please.

March 19, 2014
doug in kiev 2

Dooug Wead & translator speaking at the Olympic Village in Kiev, Ukraine, November, 2013.

The Obama State Department rejects the vote in the Crimea to rejoin Russia on the grounds that it violates the Ukrainian Constitution.  But according to the Ukrainian Constitution, the pro Russian president Victor Yanukovych should never have been driven from power in the first place.   Our feckless national media tells us that he was overthrown in a “popular uprising.”   Would that work here?  In the United States?  Obama’s support is now below 42%.  Can we demonstrate and force him out?  Is that okay with the national media? Don’t hold your breath.

Our hypocritical foreign policy calls for supporting democracy when it does what we want it to do, or what our national media wants it to do, but we easily dismiss it when it does what  we don’t.   Like Iraq and Afghanistan where we re-wrote the constitution the way we wanted it to be written.  Or in Egypt where they voted in the wrong man and so now we support the military.

I’m not against what we want.  Nor am I always against what the national media wants.  I like the women’s rights, for example, that we insist our newly created “democracies” enact.  But I am against sending our sons to die to try to force other people to do what we want.  Only to have it come undone later.  If we truly cherish freedom, let’s let other people have it and mind our own business.

No one was a bigger hawk during the Cold War than I but before we rush into war over Ukraine stop for a moment and consider these very different circumstances.  

1.) Communism is dead.   Has anybody noticed? The threat of a newly formed communist governments killing millions of citizens, including teachers , students, intellectuals and Christians is over.  Far from closing churches, there is a religious renewal sweeping the CIS.  

In the 1990′s the Russian government rebuilt the Cathedral of Christ the Savior that Stalin had burned to the ground.  It had originally been built to honor the victory over Napoleon and was the site of the world premiere of the Tchaikovsky Overture of 1812. When a rock band, Pussy Riot, climbed up on its altars and shouted and sang obscenities Vladimir Putin had them arrested.  American politicians, such as Nancy Pelosi said that this was suppression of free speech.  (Presumably, Pussy Riot is welcome to shout the “F” word and other obscenities in the well of the U.S. House of Representatives or maybe the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.)

2.) Kiev, not Moscow, was the first capital of Russia.

3.) Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union longer than Hawaii and Alaska have been American states.  Imagine banishing them from the union?  (Come to think of it, President Sarah Palin might like that.)  Russian soldiers and naval officers have been in the Crimean city of Sevastopol since 1784.

4.) The people of Ukraine, east and west, elected a pro Russian leader because the previous pro western presidents were incompetent and corrupt.  (Although Yulia Tymoshenko was a “looker.”)  The economy was in a shambles.  I had friends show up at their bank to learn that the government had taken half of their savings.  Money soon fled the banks.

Meanwhile, crime was rampant.  My translator and close friend was married twice and both times the spouse was murdered.  A Ukrainian teenager who attends a private school I help administrate in Oregon had a brother killed over a parking place.  Small wonder that during my annual visit a few years ago there were bumper stickers all over the Ukraine saying, “Give us your Putin.”  At least he could maintain law and order.

5.) The American television executives, who liked the idea of war with Iraq, may not support a sustained war against Russia.  The war in Iraq, however personal it was for George W. Bush, had the additional value of forcing America to jump into the frying pan with Israel and become a still bigger target of Islamic extremists.  Now Israel was not alone in the world.  It was Israel and us.  But will those same television executives be ready to  send hundreds of thousands to die for the people of western Ukraine?  These are the people whose grandparents ran many of Hitler’s death camps, like Sobibor.  Antisemitism is today stronger in western Ukraine than anywhere in the world outside of radical Islamic nations.  Keep in mind.  Until World War Two, western Ukraine was Poland.  And before that, some parts were in the Austria-Hungarian Empire.

Most of all, a war over Ukraine would cause the death of thousands and thousands of innocent people who are now our friends.  People with whom we work and love.  So let’s calm down.   Yes the Cold War is over and the Soviet Union is not coming back but a little tweaking of those borders based on language and politics is inevitable.

Did the Mafia Kill Kennedy?

November 16, 2013


Probably not.  But we will have to wait another generation to know for certain because political forces even to this day prevent any objective discussion.

As we approach the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, controversy still surrounds the work of the Warren Commission, the official government investigation into the tragedy.   I have interviewed some of the members of the Commission, including former President Gerald Ford, whom my wife and I have hosted in our own home on two occasions.

While there is still debate about whether or not there was a conspiracy behind the assassination, there can now be little doubt that there was indeed a “conspiracy” behind the Warren Commission’s inadequate report.  Upon his assassination, Kennedy, as in the case of Abraham Lincoln before him, was instantly declared a saint and no politician, investigator, judge or media mogul would risk revealing anything that might appear otherwise. 

The result was that any loose ends that brought out into the open the Kennedy family’s ties to the Mafia or the President’s dalliances with other women or the government’s repeated attempts to assassinate Cuban Premier, Fidel Castro, could not be pursued.  It may be that Kennedy was indeed  killed by an emotionally disturbed, lone gunman, with a “lucky” shot but unfortunately, thanks to an impotent media and compromised investigators, we may never know.

In the next few columns I will offer my best arguments for the most popular theories about this tragic event, including the lone gunman theory.  I start with the so called Mafia Conspiracy.

During the presidential primary season, JFK’s father, Joe Kennedy, had called on old Mafia connections that had helped him in earlier, nefarious business dealings.  He asked for their influence in the West Virginia presidential primary.  Mafia violence, through the Miner’s unions, helped  his son beat Minnesota Senator, Hubert Humphrey, and go on to win the Democratic nomination.  

During the general election of 1960 the Mafia went to work again, this time in Illinois where ballot boxes from Republican precincts were “lost” and ballot boxes from Democratic precincts were stuffed.  It helped Kennedy narrowly beat Nixon in this key state and thus win the White House by a razor margin.

When the President’s brother and newly appointed Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, began to aggressively prosecute those same Mafia leaders there was outrage and  feelings of betrayal.  Led by Chicago boss Sam Giancana, leaders of the underworld began discussing how to kill the president and his brother.

At the time of the assassination the public was not told of the ties between the Kennedy family and leaders of the American mafia. Nor were they shown FBI transcripts of top mafia leaders threatening to kill the president and his brother. Today, all of this is accepted history and the narrative appears in Pulitzer Prize winning books. The FBI transcripts are public.

According to CBS News, “The House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1979 that it was likely Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy.”

 The gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, who had lived in Russia and had a Russian wife, also had an uncle with ties to the Mafia.  Oswald stayed with him in New Orleans shortly before the assassination.

Finally, there is much support for the once dismissed story of Judith Campbell Exner who claimed to have had an affair with the president, even as she was the girlfriend to Chicago mobster Sam Giancana.  Ms. Exner claimed that she relayed messages and even money from the government to the Mafia for purposes of funding an assassination attempt of communist, Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro.

Her story, at first dismissed by critics has been buttressed by extensive corroborating evidence, including FBI wiretap transcripts, diaries, travel logs, and released government documents  showing her regular visits to the White House.

Finally, only days after the Kennedy assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald was gunned down on live television by nightclub owner, Jack Ruby.  Taking out the hit man before he can talk is a classic Mafia tactic.

David Belin, counsel to the Warren Commission, scoffed at this notion.  “Of course, common sense would dictate otherwise; as a practical matter, so-called Mafia ‘hit men’ do not chose an area where they are surrounded by the police and immediately apprehended.”

Actually, the most famous Mafia hits do indeed happen in public.  Ask Carmine Galante, Albert Anastasia, Crazy Joe Gallo, “Big Paul” Castelllano, John Gotti and many others.  They were all killed in restaurants, barbershops or on the streets of Manhattan.

In 1971, Joe Colombo was shot at the podium of an Italian Unity Day rally.  He survived.  His assailant was wrestled to the ground whereupon another man stepped forward and shot him dead.  Police were all over the event but could not stop it.

Contrary to the “common sense” of the Warren Commission, the purpose of a Mafia public hit is to scare everyone else into silence.

Start reading about Joe Kennedy and his president son and the Mafia in The Raising of a President on Kindle now.

A Government Shutdown but Aid to Egypt Must Go On!

October 6, 2013

The national television media has made it pretty clear where they stand on the government shutdown.  By reviewing the stories they choose to cover and the stories they repress one can get a feel for the atmosphere inside the executive boardrooms.  We are told that the shutdown penalizes the Center for Disease Control, which has lost critical funding and then we meet an attractive, tearful young cancer patient who may die as a result.  What we are not told is that the ongoing, corrupt relationship with big American corporations and the national news media continues. One can understand this best by reviewing our ongoing, uninterrupted foreign aid to Egypt, which as we all now know, does not go to Egypt at all but rather, to corporate America.

In 2011, breathless television correspondents stood among the thousands in Tahrir Square in Cairo reporting that the Arab Spring had finally come to Egypt.  Freedom was in the air.  At last there would be democracy here.  After all, we had driven our own country into its second worst depression in history and killed thousands of people to bring “freedom” to Iraq.  (Hopefully, the freedom in Egypt would be a tad better, since the freedom in Iraq resulted in the massacre of Christians and the end to a 2,000 year old Christian community which traced its heritage to the apostle Thomas.)

One thing the experts all agreed upon.  The billions of dollars in foreign aid to Egypt, which had been ongoing since 1979, must surely continue now.  The terrible dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak, which had begun in 1961 was finally coming to an end.  With real democracy in the wind, this was not the time to withdraw.

Wait a minute.  If Mubarak was a terrible dictator and freedom was only then coming to Egypt why had we been giving him billions and billions of dollars to stay in power?

Well, he made peace with Israel and the aid was his pay off.   And we’ve got to stay on the right side of history!

Huh?  Okay.  That seems contradictory.  I may have some more questions about that one, continue.

So with the freedom to vote the Egyptians elected Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood as their new president.

Once again, the experts all agreed.  The billions of dollars in foreign aid to Egypt must surely continue.  This was democracy.  It was why our sons died in the war in Iraq.  American journalism nodded and yawned.

But soon under Morsi the people of Egypt began to burn churches and kill the worshipers of the ancient Coptic Christian community.  Christians were tortured in a Cairo mosque.  These Christians traced their heritage back to the apostle Mark.

In 2013, tens of thousands of Egyptians descended on Tahrir Square once again, this time to protest their own duly elected president.  The breathless American television correspondents were back excitedly reporting on yet another rebirth of freedom.  Isn’t it thrilling?  And the military people now serving as caretakers of the government were promising new elections.  This time they won’t let Morsi participate.  He was bad for Christians.  Bad for gays.

And yet again, the one thing the experts all agreed upon.  The billions of dollars in foreign aid to Egypt must surely continue.  Egypt had ousted Mohammed Morsi and had promised new elections.

This ridiculous narrative had finally reached the limits of credulity.  Last week the Obama administration said it might suspend the remaining aide, which is a pittance of the total.

What’s going on?

The answer is that most of the money passes to Egypt and then back to American where corporations who get the money use some of it to make contributions to senators and congressmen though their respective lobbies and through related companies who advertise on national television.  The money doesn’t really go to Egypt.  It goes to your neighbor.  It is the old game of redistribution of wealth.

Who gains?

American companies who manufacture tanks and other weapons that Egypt has not used in our lifetime.  Some goes to “security” consultants in our country but even much of the humanitarian and economic aid comes back to us.  For example, one program brings Egyptian teachers and hospital administrators to the USA where they are housed, fed, trained and work on American soil.  The universities, hospitals and institutions which get the money and free labor, lobby the congress and White House to keep this valuable “aid to Egypt” going.

The Egyptians masses could rape an American television correspondent, in public, in Tahrir Square and American foreign aid to Egypt would still continue.  And they did.  And it does.

So now we are facing a government shutdown.  They will surely stop this nonsense right?


The Obama administration, like Bush before him, determines that foreign aid is “security related” and thus exempted from the shutdown.  So close the parks, let the cancer victims die, but please, oh please, do not touch our “foreign aid to Egypt.”

Postscript:  Three days after this blog post, the Obama administration announced it is considering ending some parts of aid to Egypt and would have an announcement in the coming days.  Here is a link to the story.  Administration considers partial stop of some Egyptian aid.  Is this an extraordinary coincidence?  Or is this “the little blog who could?”  Anyway, one could apply the same logic to aid to Pakistan or any number of places.  The point is we are only being shown the stories that support the direction that the benefiting corporations want us to go.  “Screw the truth, screw journalism, and screw the people.  All power to the corporate hogs who eat at the public trough.”  American corruption has become as endemic as the Soviet Union at its height or India at its worst.

Our new Weapon of Mass Destruction

June 24, 2013

No wonder the Obama administration is in a tizzy over Edward Snowden. It turns out that the NSA spying operation offered the USA a weapon of mass destruction that no one else in the world has ever had.

It is bigger than the atomic bomb. The A bomb can destroy 100,000 people, or even millions of people at a time but it does so indiscriminately. The NSA spying operation can destroy anybody, anywhere in the world and do so surgically.

Keep in mind. American government officials are telling us that the NSA recorded everything we have said or written online or by phone and it has all been kept. Imagine how this information can be used to destroy or promote spies, diplomats, businessmen, heads of state? Black hat operations can destroy a career by revealing crimes or despicable behavior or just revealing secrets. White hat operations can protect a target from the conspiracy of co-workers or bosses. The US government can virtually co-opt anybody, anywhere in the world. What politician, what head of state, dare risk defiance? And for every one who resists the manipulation or blackmail, there will be five colleagues who will jump at the chance to have immunity or favor with a friend who has such a powerful weapon.

Now imagine that someone has pieces of that secret, on a thumb drive, and lands in Moscow. Is he safe? Are the Russians going to let him go? Or are they going to want that atomic bomb for themselves? Does Putin allow America to have such options and not he, himself?

How long have we had this weapon? Did we use it against Julian Assange, who was hit with scandal right after he published our embarrassing government documents? Have we already toppled governments with it? Has it been leaked to private companies? Non profit companies? Is that what representative Maxine Waters was talking about months ago with Roland Martin? Obama’s great weapon? The political game changer?

“A data base that no one has ever seen before in life.” Was it why the IRS was so frightened of nonprofit applications who used the word “Constitution”? Is someone seeking a monopoly on this new weapon?

Edward Snowden, American hero

June 24, 2013

Is Edward Snowden a Benedict Arnold or a Paul Revere?

According to the US government Snowden is a spy.

That is the official word from Attorney General Eric Holder who is accusing him of espionage.  He is not a hero, we are now being told.  He is not a whistleblower?  He has not done a service to the American people?

How did this happen?  How and why did the national news media change its coverage on a dime, in a single day last week, leaving its television audiences laughing aloud at the audacious about face.  All week Snowden was a hero, exposing the unconstitutional NSA surveillance and in one moment he suddenly morphs into a traitor.

Isn’t this  the same Eric Holder who told a federal judge that James Rosen of Fox  News was “an aider, abettor and / or co-conspirator” in espionage?

Oh that? Old news. Holder was exaggerating to get a warrant.  it was a white lie.  All is forgiven.  The Fox is back in the pen.  But don’t try that at home.

Meanwhile, now that Edward Snowden has sacrificed his life for freedom of speech and our right to privacy, the First and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution,  the  national media is falling all over themselves to prove their loyalty to the all powerful government, lining  up against their latest target.

Snowden is a fake.  He is not our friend.  “He did this for attention,” says  Michelle Cottle of the Daily Beast, during a CNN appearance.  Thanks Michelle, brilliant.  The NSA can now stop transcribing your phone conversations.   Well done.  You’re safe.  The First Amendment can go to hell.

The media seems to believe that Snowden should wait patiently to be picked up by the US government, that he is wrong to run.  That he should trust the people who he knows have been lying to the American public about surveillance and who allow torture as long as the people doing the torturing are Americans and don’t wear black or have scary music in the background.  That would be too close to the Nazis.

It is clear that Snowden did not expect to be on the run.  Did  he really think he could escape from a government who has everyone’s emails and phone conversations stored away?  Did he think that any corporation or ambassador or head of state or government in the world would stand before such a power?  This is the new atomic bomb and America has it.  No one else.  We rule the world.  Or perhaps, I should say that Barack Obama and his successor rules the world.

Poor Edward Snowden.  Running to Hong Kong and then Moscow will only help the government paint him as a bad guy, a traitor to America.  He imagined that people in American really believed in the Constitution or in a government of laws.  He thought we would care about the fact that our government leaders lie to congress and the media.  He imagined that we still have a free press, who can write and say what they believe, without direction from corporate owners who, like druggies in the inner city, now depend totally on government subsidies and easy FED loans to sustain their empires.

So two questions remain.  Isn’t the government taking a risk that by running Snowden to ground they will only make him a hero?

There ia a simple answer to that one.  It doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter what any of us say.  They have the new WMD.  They don’t need to control everybody.  There are plenty who will fall all over themselves to get in their good graces and say and do whatever they think the government wants, just to avoid the inconvenience of an IRS audit or a criminal investigation based on their emails and phone calls.  So the government will risk Edward Snowden’s martyrdom.

Why? Because the government has even more secrets to hide.  It fears another Snowden among its 4.2 million top secret cleared employees.  They have to make his life so miserable that no one else will dare speak up.

And finally, one last thing remains to be known.  If Edward Snowden is a spy, not a whistleblower, then for whom has he been spying?  Russia?  China? North Korea?  Islamic Fundamentalists?

No.  He has been spying for us, the American people.  He is our spy.  He is the first American spy to be prosecuted by an American government.  They will get him.  And he will be locked away and after the furor dies down, he may even tortured by our American government.  He is like a Buddhist monk in Vietnam in the 1960′s setting himself ablaze, signaling to the world that something is wrong here.  He is a Paul Revere with an alarming message, “The government is coming, the government is coming.”

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Rand Paul: “Stop the killing of Christians!”

June 14, 2013

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has become the first public figure to openly declare what Christians have been  bemoaning for the last generation, that there is a war against Christianity.

Speaking this afternoon before a gathering of the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington D.C., Senator Paul said, “There is a war on Christianity, not just from liberal elites here at home, but worldwide.”

Said Paul, “It saddens me to see countries that are supposedly our allies persecute Christians.”

Catholics and born again Christians have talked about the danger for years.  In the 1990′s, during my stint in the White House, as special assistant to the president, I was constantly called on to help Christians who were thrown into prisons or slated for execution all over the world.

Meanwhile, Christian ministries in the USA visited the White House complaining that they had been targeted by the IRS, a fact that the agency actually confirmed to us at the time, without shame.  When we tried to find an Evangelical Christian who worked in a top position at the agency who could help us understand the nature of the complaints we learned that there was only one known, born again Christian in the top 300 positions at the IRS.  At the time 38% of the nation claimed to be born again.

It turns out that the token “born again” Christian at the IRS was a regional director in the non-profit division and a Catholic Charismatic by personal faith.  He tried to help the agency understand that it could not dictate doctrine or discriminate against groups based on their faith.  We had two meetings with him at the White House and kept the president apprised.  I think back to that moment as I now try to grasp the fact that top IRS officials visited the White House more than 300 times under Barack Obama and supposedly never discussed with the president their illegal bias against conservative groups including their questions of what applicants said in their prayers

In his speech Senator Paul offered a litany of abuses by American allies.

“In Pakistan, Asia Bibi, a Christian, sits on death row. Her crime, according to her, is that she dared to drink from a glass that belonged to a Muslim co-worker.

“Recently, in Pakistan, a 12-year-old with Down syndrome was imprisoned and charged with a death penalty crime for burning the Koran.

“After weeks she was released after a local Imam was accused of actually sprinkling pages from an Arabic book into a fire near the little girl.”

Senator Paul is the first public official to suggest a legislative solution.  “My bill said that Libya, Egypt, and Pakistan would get no more foreign aid from the US taxpayer unless they turned over the assassins that killed our ambassador, pledged and verified that they CAN and WILL protect our embassies, and in the case of Pakistan they must release Dr. Afridi.”

Afridi is the man who helped us identify Osama Bin Laden.  He was tortured and in chains for a year without being charged and is even now in prison in Pakistan.

As obvious as it may be to stand up for Christians (25% of the USA are Catholic, 48% claim to be born again Christians) Senator Paul is practically alone in his work.  90% of the Senate voted against his bill that would have placed restrictions on foreign aid to nations that execute Christians.

“It angers me to see my tax dollars supporting regimes that put Christians to death,” he said today.  “And your government, or more correctly, you, the taxpayer, are funding it.”

Senator Rand Paul warned against a foreign policy that sometimes has good intentions that backfire.

“Before the Arab Spring, Christianity flourished in small outposts, like the Coptic Christians in Egypt. I had hoped that the Arab Spring would bring freedom to long-oppressed people throughout the Middle East, but I fear the Arab Spring is becoming an Arab winter.

“Today, Christians in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria are on the run—persecuted or under fire—and yet, we continue to send aid to the folks chasing them.

“The new leader of Egypt is Mohammed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Recently, he stood by when a radical cleric said a prayer for the destruction of Israel and her supporters in his presence.

“Actually, it is worse, he did not just stand by, he was seen to mouth the word ‘Amen’ as the cleric said these words of hatred.

“How does your government respond?

“The bipartisan consensus in Washington vows to increase Egypt’s funding. The President is currently requesting a billion dollar increase in aid to Egypt.  This is an outrage!”

Senator Paul admitted that his bold stand had made him unpopular in Washington and while his famous filibuster and other stands on civil liberties have given him exposure that his father never had, his concern about the torture and execution of Christians in allied nations has been panned by the media.

Says Paul, “It is clear that American taxpayer dollars are being used to enable a war on Christianity in the Middle East and I believe that must end.”

Back in February 2011 Doug Wead warns about the Arab Spring, “Not so fast.”

Behind the Chechen Islamic Terrorist Bombing in Boston

April 19, 2013

Now we know that American, homegrown, Chechen nationals, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were behind the Boston Marathon bombing.


Dzhokhar and Tamerian Tsarnaev.

Remember, the Chechen Islamic terrorists and their war with Russia?  They were behind the school massacre in Beslan, North Ossetia in September, 2004.   380 persons died, including 186 children.

A few years ago I visited Krasnodar where the issues of North Ossetia are still fresh in people’s minds.  After the three day siege in Beslan one of the school teachers who escaped told her harrowing story on French television.  She had been inside the school when the Islamic terrorists wrapped their explosives around the small children.

“How can you justify the killing of children?” she asked one of the terrorists.

“The little girls will grow up to be prostitutes,” he answered, “And the little boys will grow up to be pimps, anyway, so what difference does it make?”

People in the West find it difficult to understand the Islamic mentality of many living in the former Soviet Republics.  While the communists had crushed Christianity, Islam remained much more resilient.  During my visits to Kazan, Almaty, Astana and other such places I met Muslims who had practiced their faith all through the Soviet era.  Others returned to Islam in mass, as soon as the Iron Curtain lifted, just as many in Ukraine and other Republics became instant Christians.  It was as if a light switch were turned on.  As if their faith were in the DNA and they returned to where they had been before Lenin.

A close Muslim friend of mine told of a young Kazakhstan female student attending Northwestern University.  It was learned that during her time in American she had visited a Christian church with some classmates.  Upon her return to her Islamic home she was kidnapped by radicals, raped and tortured for several days and then murdered. My friend said he had attended the funeral.

I am president of Canyonville Christian Academy, a boarding school in Oregon.  We have had Islamic parents urge us to keep their children out of the chapel, even for secular events, for fear of retaliation when they return home.

Our ignorance of Islamic culture and thinking persists years after 9-11 because the American media simply does not want to know.  The American media continues to try to force the world and its news into its own mold of what it wishes it to be.  Objective reporting of facts is dead.  The trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell is ignored.  His mass murders are excused by the media, washed clean by his work as an abortionist.  Wars in Africa are reported, with numbers of those killed, while any explanation for what motivates the killers, including any ties to Islam or the victim’s ties to Christianity is censored.  It is as if the news is embarrassed by the whole idea of Islamic radicalism and refuses to recognize that it exists.

This collapse of journalism in America sometimes leaves giant holes in our understanding of events.  This became clear this morning as newsmakers struggled to understand the motives of the Boston Marathon Bombers.  First they learned that they were Chechen, which absolutely dumbfounded the news anchors.  “I thought the Chechens were mad at the Russians,” one news reporter asked aloud.  Several hours into the coverage someone ventured that Chechens were Islamic.  “Could that have something to do with it?  How could young men be living here in America and been turned to terrorism?  Who could have turned them?”

“Poor George,” Ann Smiley, “told her husband, the cuckholded spy for the British Secret Service, “Life is such a puzzle for you, isn’t it?”

One could just as easily say, “Poor America, life is such a puzzle for you.”

The puzzle exists because of the massive denial and outright ignorance of the national media.  A refusal of news companies to let their reporters report.  Rather a desire to shape the news and force it into preconceived opinions of what it should be.  This ignorance, passed onto the public, leaves us vulnerable to the possibility of terror all around us.  And bewildered, puzzled, by our enemies.

Tamerian Tsarnaev. still on the loose.

Tamerian Tsarnaev. still on the loose.

Why Petraeus and not Clinton?

November 13, 2012

Okay, since nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room, I will be the dope and get all the criticism and mention it.  (This is the best part of being over sixty years of age.)  If the national news media, with a straight face, can tell us that the CIA director, General Petraeus, had to resign because he was having an extramarital affair, why didn’t they say the same about President Bill Clinton when he was having an extramarital affair?

Was it….

A.) Because the television executives personally liked Bill Clinton and didn’t want to hurt his feelings and be embarrassed at cocktail parties?

B.) Because they liked his political policies and were afraid they would be setback?

C.) Because they knew about Bill Clinton’s proclivities and were prepared to finesse them if they surfaced but were caught off guard by General Petraeus and so had to report it straight?

D.) Because the president is the boss and what he does in his spare time is his own business?

As far as that goes, if the media is serious about this Petraeus story then why isn’t Bill Clinton being cut out of the daily intelligence briefings even now?  As a former president he still gets them.  As NBC News explained to us on Sunday, such knowledge could have made Petraeus vulnerable, subject to blackmail, and so he had to go.

Well, you say, is there evidence that Bill Clinton is still being indiscreet?  Well, let’s see.  Everybody who is now reading this blog who personally knows of someone who claims to have had a one night stand with Bill Clinton please raise you hands.  Ahaaa.  There you go.  You can put your hands down now.

I’ll put it this way, if a sheltered, modest, born again Christian, like myself knows someone, then odds are Scott Pelly, Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams do too.  (Well, maybe not Brian Williams.)  So how can the news anchors sit there with straight faces and quote poor Petraeus’s line to his best friend, “I messed up.”

Okay.  Let’s be fair.  If he “messed up” then who else messed up?  Have Pelly, Sawyer or Williams had affairs?  Have the producers, the writers, the executives at the news agencies?  Who else in the CIA?  Who on the Senate Intelligence Committee?  Shouldn’t every US Senator and Congressman and member of the White House staff now be rushed into a surprise polygraph test?  This is serious folks. They could be blackmailed.

Bt the way. On the same night that the news reported to us that the head of the CIA has been indiscreet, it also announced a new James Bond movie.  Now James Bond, now there was a spy that nobody could blackmail for being indiscreet.

Why be tortured about torture?

June 25, 2012

There is no need to be tortured about torture?

Is water boarding torture? Some say yes and others say no.

Does it work?  Does it save lives?

Some, like a former adviser to a president, insist that it did work and that it did save lives.  Others, like the man who actually conducted the interrogations of water boarded suspects, said on television, that water boarding is torture and it had nothing to do with the results of their interrogation.

There are some simple ways to resolve this argument.

1.) We can water board the former assistant to the president and the man who led the interrogations and see if either one will recant and change their mind.

2.) We can round up all accredited journalists of major news agencies, water board them, and then let them tell us first hand.

3.) We can water board the Supreme Court and then let them vote on the subject.

In the meantime, let us prove to the world that we are better than the Nazi’s who also justified torturing suspects to save lives.  Our torturers should not wear scary black uniforms.  There should not be scary Wagnerian music in the background during torturing sessions as depicted in documentaries and movies of Nazis.   We are better than that.

Above all, we must remember the “slippery slope.”  We should not let our newly discovered recognition of the positive, humanitarian value of torture lead to the killing of our own citizens by the state without a trial and due process.

American Supreme Court Justice, Robert Jackson, who was our prosecutor at the Nuremburg Trials, spent a whole day on that subject.  Jackson pointed out that Hitler’s execution of Ernst Rohm in 1934, without a trial, simply because he declared him a terrorist who threatened revolution, violated the German constitution and was the beginning of a lawlessness that led to war and  ultimately the Holocaust.

There are common sense exceptions, of course, such as when our own American president personally approves the killing of an American citizen who is deemed to be a terrorist.  After all, the president is “our leader,” not a German, and not a Nazi.  He wears a suit, not a uniform.  And he never, never wears an arm band of any kind.

Besides, we are a Republic, not only with a constitution but also a Bill of Rights.  Finally, the president is a known liberal, not a conservative.  Surely, a liberal would not torture unless it was duly called for.  And finally, in our case, “our leader” has a private panel secretly studying the subjects in question and offering independent  recommendations as to whom should be killed or not killed and why.  This is not like Goering and Himmler just making lists of enemies.

I hope this clears up this discussion once and for all.  There is no need to be tortured over torture when there are simple solutions to the questions involved.  The innocent need not be afraid.  We should each mind our own business and look to our own needs and not succumb to the propaganda of our enemies.  By the way, if you have traveled recently by air you know that those enemies are everywhere, by the thousands, and they especially seem to congregate at airports.

BTW, a quick solution to the congestion at airport security clearance would be to randomly water board passengers.  If, as experts insist, it is not really torture and it is very effective, we could break some of the old ladies and children being used by the terrorists to sneak things aboard.

Ron Paul: You think Hurricane Irene was bad? Wait till you experience FEMA

September 6, 2011

Governor Dan Malloy of Connecticut called presidential candidate Ron Paul an idiot last Thursday. He was answering a loaded question on CNN, responding to Congressman Paul’s concern about a bankrupted FEMA. This government agency, founded in 1978, now doles out money to victims of natural disasters. Of course, Malloy is salivating over that well earned money coming his way. His insult to Congressman Paul must reflect the high anxiety involved. It must be very stressful to have this whole notion questioned, right when you’ve won the lottery.

Privately, Ron Paul staffers tell the story of a constituent who called his office asking for relief from FEMA. It seems they had draped his house with a tarp. They thought it had a leaky roof. It turned out that FEMA had made a mistake. The damaged roof belonged to a neighbor’s house. The constituent had called FEMA, asking for permission to transfer the tarp to the other home. “No way,” an official from FEMA ordered, “If you touch that tarp you will be arrested.”

Huh? Congressman Paul’s constituent was a bit perplexed. Had he lost his house? Was it now the government’s house?

Actually, in his now famous Fox News Sunday interview, Ron Paul expressed compassion for the victims of Hurricane Irene and only then brought up the very real question of how FEMA, now on the verge of bankruptcy, should function. Paul told a tale of corruption. How money is awarded to contractors without bids. Paul suggested that American pull in a little bit from it’s overseas empire and bring some of the money home to help those in need, like the victims of the hurricane. He said the national guard should be home helping in a crisis like this, that this was more of its role than the endless wars overseas. CNN and Malloy missed that.

Here are some numbers to give you a little perspective. Hurricane Irene is the most expensive natural disaster in American history, topping $ 20 billion. Since 2000, America has given that much in military and humanitarian aid to Pakistan. This is the country that harbored Osama Bin Laden. And we are still giving it money.

Meanwhile, we spent $1 trillion on the war in Iraq, where we soon learned that there were no weapons of mass destruction, nor Al Qaeda. That means that the entire bill for Hurricane Irene cost less than 2% of the War in Iraq. And what did we get for the war in Iraq? Well, Al Qaeda which we thought was there, has now finally arrived. I suppose that is worth something. The Christian church, which flourished as a protected minority under Saddam Hussein, has been killed off or driven out. There is now Sharia law and the nation has tilted to Iran. Once its bitterest enemy, Iran is now its new found friend. Way to go gang. Hoorah.

Here is some more perspective. We now know, thanks to a partial audit, that in 2008 alone, the Federal Reserve spent $16 trillion to help shore up the American economy. $3 trillion went to other countries. Billions went to selected corporations. Can you spell corruption? This money, spent in 2008 alone, is more than the entire national debt, which is now topping $14 trillion.

So again, who is the idiot that raised the question about spending money? Isn’t money just little numbers that are transferred electronically? Who cares? We can always make more little digits. Right? Governor Malloy can relax. The rest of the country will continue to obsorb these pay days doled out by elitist politicians and often to their elitist cronies. The wars will be financed, the disaster funds replenished and we will solve the jobs problem by just having the government hire everyone. Let’s see, I would like to be paid $100,000 a year to enforce tarp placement on roofs with suspected leaks. And God help the citizen who touches my tarps.


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